Colors and Fonts

First of all cyanine supports individual logos. If you want to use our logo, then please upload it in the system settings. Cyanine will automatically replace the title text with your logo. You can also upload your own favicon in the system settings.

Cyanine allows you to change many colors. Please make sure that your color-combinations are readable and accessible. The following colors are editable:

  • Primary Theme Color: used for the body background and borders.
  • Secondary Theme Color: used for content background, font-colors on hover and more.
  • Primary Font Color: used for main text.
  • Secondary Font Color: used as contrast color for hovers in navigation and buttons.
  • Link Color: used for text-links. Keep accessibility in mind.
  • Thin Border Color: used for thin borders in navigations and tables.

You can also change the font-family for

  • headlines
  • text
  • buttons and navigations

Cyanine uses wide spread system fonts with fallbacks:

  • serif
  • sans-serif
  • courier
  • helvetica
  • avenir
  • athelas
  • georgia
  • times
  • bodoni
  • calisto
  • garamond
  • baskerville

If the color- and font-settings are not enough for your purpose, then you can always overwrite the theme-css with your own styles in the theme settings.

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